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Simplify the question. 1/4g plus 6g minus 2/3

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The highest point on earth is the peak of mount everest if you climb to the top you would be approximately 29,035 feet above sea level at remembering that amount is 5280 feet percentage of the height of the mountain would you have to climb to reach a point 2 miles above sea level
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Find the maximum value of p= 4x + 5y subject to the following constraints :
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How many 2/5s are in 1 and 1/2 plz someone me right now
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You pay your secretary $8.00 per hour. a stamped envelope costs 42 cents, and regular stationery costs 2 cents per page, but fancy letterhead stationery costs 17 cents per page. assume that a letter requires fancy letterhead stationery for the first page but that regular paper will suffice for the rest of the letter. (round your answers to the nearest cent.)
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Simplify the question. 1/4g plus 6g minus 2/3...

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