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Which revision best uses dialogue to improve the sentence? “yup, it was a big surprise,” i told them. “i’m excited that my painting was selected! especially since i felt so incompetent at the beginning and the competition was so ruthless.” “honestly, i was surprised,” i told them truthfully. “the competition was ruthless, and i felt incompetent at the beginning. it’s really exciting to have my painting selected! ” “i’m in! my painting is in! i feel a fist pump and a little dance coming on,” i said, grinning. i thought about how i felt so incompetent at the beginning because of the ruthless competition. “did you hear? ” i asked them. “my painting got selected! exciting, right? ” i smiled. “especially given that i felt so incompetent at the beginning and that the competition was ruthless! "

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Bantu migration suste n o. 2003 rearce what pushed the bantu to migrate east and than south in africa? they needed to follow the migration paths of animals they hunted. the sahara's borders were expanding outward. they wanted to spread their knowledge of iron technology, military invaders pushed them out of their territory next question © ask for
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Key events - what happens? what do we learn about the character in this event? or how does the event change the character? what is the author’s message in each set of events you have identified? 1.bruno and his family move from berlin to auschwitz due to the move he learns of the camp which leads to another key event. 2.bruno meets shmuel when they meet, they become friends which in turn towards the end leads to their untimely demise.
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Which theme is protrayed in this excerpt from leo tolstoy’s the death of ivan llyich
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Question 9 (5 points) dother, the evil, hated everything. dian, the violent, was a walking nightmare, leaving a bevy of victims wherever he traveled. what does the underlined word mean in the above quote from the legend of carman? a)a small number b)very few c)a minuscule amount d)a large number
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Which revision best uses dialogue to improve the sentence? “yup, it was a big surprise,” i told the...

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