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essay of 500 words about a technical document giving directions

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What two requests does thisbe make before killing herself?
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As sentenças a seguir trazem a mesma situação: a entrada de animais. leia: i – é proibido entrada de animais. ii – é proibida a entrada de animais. iii – é proibida entrada de animais. assinale a alternativa correta em que indica o uso correto do artigo nas sentenças: escolha uma: a. as sentenças i, ii e iii estão corretas. b. as sentenças i e iii estão corretas. c. as sentenças i e ii estão corretas. d. somente a sentença i está correta. e. as sentenças ii e iii estão corretas.
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Take a look at this online dictionary entry. language etymology middle english language, from old french language, from latin lingua ("tongue, speech, language”). noun 1. a form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with hands and structured with grammar, often with a writing system. 2. the ability to communicate using words. 3. nonverbal communication. 4. the vocabulary and usage in a particular field. 5. the words used in speech or a passage of text. 6. spoken or written words. which link would readers of this dictionary entry click if they wanted more information about the historical origins of the word "language”?
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essay of 500 words about a technical document giving directions...

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