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IV. Supply the correct form of the personal pronoun followed by an appositive 1. (We), Reges, Ducibus Donum Dedimus.

2. (You), Dux, Eris Rex Romae.

3. (I), Nympha, Deum Amare Non Possum.

4. (He), Dux Magnus Romae, Rex Non Erit.

5. (They), Viri Romae, Bona Consilia Habent.

6. (You), Hostes, (Her) Non Nocere Potest.

7. (She), Regina, (Them, f.) Nocere Potest.

8. (She), Regina, (Us) Non Nocere Potest.

9. (They) (Templa) Sunt Deo Carissima.

10. (It), Flumen, (Them, m.) Celabit.

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IV. Supply the correct form of the personal pronoun followed by an appositive 1. (We), Reges, Duci...

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