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La de la navidad es el vienticinco de diciembre

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Giving brainliest to who ever answers first correct select the correct category for the given word. grapefruit el apio las frutas las verduras las carnes
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You have been chosen to be the guide of an exchange student from costa rica. before the student arrives in the us, he has asked you to give him some tips about schools in our country. using 10 different commands, create a presentation in which you give him tips for being successful in us schools. your presentation should include 5 affirmative and 5 negative commands in the tú form. examples: study many hours, don’t sleep in class, etc. to create your presentation, you may use powerpoint, or one of the tools listed in the web 2.0 tools area (contact your instructor if you need ).
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Alex: ¿puedes darme tus libros, por favor? lupe: por supuesto, a. tenganlos b. tienelo c. tenlos d. tenganlas
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Which of these foods is a bajativo? a. enchiladas b. bebida c. té d. torta de platano e. arroz con pollo
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La de la navidad es el vienticinco de diciembre...

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