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Tall trees can't grow well in prairies. why?

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What was the midwest states often called because they were located in the center of the nation
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Article 11 of the constitution defines the role of?
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During jefferson's administration, which of the following represented his tenure? a) he believed the power of his gov depended upon his popularity b) jefferson thought that the strength of his government depended its use if force c) she refused to add territory to the u. s without approval of the states. d) jefferson though of “hands off” approach to the states and less power in the cen. gov. would benefit the nation
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Dr. robbins wants to know if there are different opinions regarding the value of public school education between native americans who have at least one relative who attended indian boarding school and native americans who have no family experience with indian boarding school. dr. robbins contacts 35 native american participants in each group. he wants each group to include younger as well as older adults, and a mix of male and female participants. he asks each person to complete a survey about their attitudes toward public education. the design of this study is:
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Tall trees can't grow well in prairies. why?...

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