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Which u. s. territory was acquired in 1903 and is located in central america

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High level of productive capacity/ developing/ undeveloped/ developed/ new globalizer
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Artist xenobia bailey said that art serves her personal growth in several ways. which is not one of those ways?
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Asociologist wants to study a culture that occurs in some women’s prisons: “state families,” in which individual prisoners take on certain roles within a group of like-minded prisoners. there is previous evidence that younger prisoners will use older inmates who play the roles of grandparents as a resource before they will turn to staff for and advice. the lieutenant in charge of a dorm of long-term prisoners offers to gather volunteers to speak to the researcher and also offers to vouch for the integrity of the researcher. the use of this staff is: a valid use of a statistical technique referred to “snowball sampling” wherein the inclusion of the first subject leads to the recruitment of another one subject. a useful tactic in obtaining a sample of prisoners who both meet the criteria and who will be honest with the researcher. wrong and is prohibited; subject selection needs to be free from intervention by prison authorities or prisoners. acceptable only when the researcher’s irb grants a special waiver.
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Nami conducts an investigation on plants. she places a grow light on a timer to give the plants different amounts of light to see if this would affect their growth. in this investigation, the amount of light is the .
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Which u. s. territory was acquired in 1903 and is located in central america...

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