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Jay participates in an experiment where he and three other participants are asked to judge the quality of a series of sculptures. jay is least likely to exhibit informational influence if

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Why were the gods angry at odysseus in the odyssey
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And whereas our provinces in north america, have been frequently ravaged by indian enemies, more especially that of south-carolina, which in the late war, by the neighboring savages, was laid waste with fire and sword and great numbers of english inhabitants, miserably massacred, and our loving subjects who now inhabit them, by reason of the smallness of their numbers, will in case of a new war, be exposed to the late calamities; inasmuch as their whole southern frontier continueth unsettled, and lieth open to the said savages. and whereas we think it highly becoming our crown and royal dignity, to protect all our loving subjects, be they ever so distant from us; to extend our fatherly compassion even to the meanest and most unfortunate of our people, and to relieve the wants of our above mentioned poor subjects; and that it will be highly conducive for accomplishing those ends, that a regular colony of the said poor people be settled and established in the southern territories of carolina."- from  charter of georgia, 1732 based on the passage, it can be determined that the main reason the king of england wishes to establish a new southern colony is becausea)he wants to provide a safe haven for all of his loyal british subject'sb)he wants to protect the fathers of each family in order to keep them safe. c)he wants to make sure there will be enough soldiers in the event of another war. d)he wants to use the new colony to protect the other colonies from attack
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How to start a ouija board opening ritual
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5. which of the following is an individual’s social equal? teacher x self ✓ peer group state
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Jay participates in an experiment where he and three other participants are asked to judge the quali...

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