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Your uncle john always argued, “stop studying mental events that cannot be directly observed! ” which school of thought would most likely agree with your uncle john?

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Which of the following was a key accomplishment of the people of songhai? a. they had a strong military and became the largest empire in west africa. b. they established a center of islamic scholarship. c. they worked with iron and prospered from the gold-salt trade. d. they dominated in the trade of ivory, enslaved people, and animal skins.
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Does this sound good? hey great britain, we need to talk. we’ve been through a lot these past couple of years and i don’t think that i would’ve made it this far without you but, i think it’s time that i tried to. don’t get me wrong, i think you’re a pretty great country! you’re smart, you’re funny, you're rich, and very dominant but, these past couple of years you’ve been a little too dominant. as each year goes by you become more and more self-absorbed. you’re only concerned about your own well-being. for example, when we get into arguments you always raise the taxes on paper and tea prices; it just isn’t fair. not only are you selfish but, you always want your buddies around. it’s not very fun cleaning up after you and your british soldiers (you guys never put the toilet seat down). they’re always popping up unexpected, and you always force me to let them stay for a couple of days. not to mention how irresponsible you are. i don’t like it when you force some of your responsibility on me. it’s not my fault that you got yourself into another war so, why should i have to pay for it? listen, in the beginning, what we had was good but, you and i aren’t so compatible anymore. i think it’s best if i took some time to be independent and think for myself for once. -yours truly, the states
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Why does c. wright mills indentify critical thinking as one of the most important criteria for the development of intellectual craftsmanship?
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Read the final lines of "one true friend," by etta-may spenser. answer the question that follows: though i'd never confide all my feelings inside, to everyone i ever knew. you are my one true friend and i swear till the end: i'll never keep secrets from you. the author uses the same poetic device in line 1 and line 3. which choice best explains the device she repeats and the reason she does so? a- she uses alliteration to create a lounge twister to make a serious topic more playful. b - she uses assonance to slow down the rhythm so the reader lingers on every word. c - she uses consonance so the words flow together as one and create a unified rhythm. d -she uses internal rhyme to quicken the pace and create a sense of anticipation.
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Your uncle john always argued, “stop studying mental events that cannot be directly observed! ” whic...

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