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How does democracy improve peoples living conditions?

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By viewing someone (including yourself) as a new yorker, for example, you remove that person's individuality and, instead, see him or her as a prototypical representative of the group called new yorkers. this process then allows you to distinguish new yorkers from people who live in, say, texas or north carolina. this is an example of
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The term "jim crow" is used to describe which of these? a) bans on hunting b) segregation of the races c) preventing women from voting d) creating more public schools
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The two-factor theory of emotion was proposed by
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What does a most-favored-nation (mfn) status mean? a country pays the same tariffs as those paid by all mfn countries. a country has a special exemption from all tariffs in the united states. a country has special licensing agreements with u. s. corporations. a country is exempt from product standards that make it expensive for goods to be imported.
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How does democracy improve peoples living conditions?...

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