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What first lady was not born in the united states?

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Which group of islands is called the land of fire and is located at the southern tip of south america
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Ahmad is five years old and he has just been caught watching television when he was supposed to be studying according his father’s orders. when his father hears of this incident, he yells at him, spanks him, and restricts him from watching television for one week. ahmad’s father is displaying a(n) parenting style in this scenario.
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Halle is a calculating, self-centered salesperson. she never engages in relationship marketing. she looks on any sales situation as a "win-lose" situation, and she believes any legal method she can use is justified when she wins. hallie is most likely at the stage of ethical development.
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During jefferson's administration, which of the following represented his tenure? a) he believed the power of his gov depended upon his popularity b) jefferson thought that the strength of his government depended its use if force c) she refused to add territory to the u. s without approval of the states. d) jefferson though of “hands off” approach to the states and less power in the cen. gov. would benefit the nation
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What first lady was not born in the united states?...

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