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Why did modern humans have to adapt?

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This schedule shows the opportunity cost of producing doughnuts, bagels, and croissants. refer to the schedule and use the drop-down menu to answer each question. on day 2, raj makes 70 more bagels than on day 1. what is the opportunity cost of producing 70 more bagels? on day 3, raj makes 50 more croissants than on day 2. what is the opportunity cost of producing fifty more croissants?
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Agood deal of what that brain believes it is experiencing depends on its
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How was the appointment of two consuls during the roman republic an example of a democratic principle? one consul represented patricians and one represented plebeians, so that all citizens had representation each consul had control over the same number of military legions, which prevented either one from a forceful takeover. consuls had to agree on all decisions, which prevented any one person from gaining too much power. consuls had to make decisions based on majority rule in the senate. quickly
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The technique of getting a commitment from a potential customer and then changing the terms of the agreement is best described as low-balling. cognitive dissonance. reciprocal concession. the foot-in-the-door technique. a half-dozen high school students are going to a concert. chantal wants to wear a new colorful outfit that she just received as a gift, but she assumes that her five friends will all be wearing nothing but black leather. chantal decides to do likewise, and leaves her colorful outfit in the closet. chantal’s behavior is an example of conformity. resistance. reciprocation wariness. idiosyncrasy credits.
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Why did modern humans have to adapt?...

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