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Why and where is acid rain especially a problem?

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Ethnicity is used to distinguish between groups based on cultural elements, but according to the information presented in the lecture (blank) would encompass the details about a person like the shape of his or her features.
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Zach's reaction to this scenario is: "that's not a good decision. she'll probably wind up needing one, if not several, of her friends to cover for her. how do you think that's going to make them feel? " which of kohlberg's levels of development does this response represent?
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Think about the different ecosystems we would find while studying the physical geography of the united states. which ecosystem do you live in? in a short paragraph, describe the ecosystem that surrounds you. what kinds of plants and animals are common in your area?
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One of the results of the 2010 golf of mexico oil spill is the threat to various species in the goths ecosystem it disturbed and in some cases forever altered the of the gulf coast
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Why and where is acid rain especially a problem?...

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