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In this activity, you will deliver the news story that you wrote in Task 1. If you are in a classroom setting, you can present your story in front of your classmates. If you are in a self-paced environment, find a teacher, parent, guardian, or friend to listen to your newscast. Follow these pointers as you present your newscast:

Be polite and well-mannered.
Use language appropriate to a news broadcast.
Speak clearly and loudly enough for the broadcast to be heard.
After you have presented your newscast, answer the following questions:

Did you speak clearly?
Did you use language appropriate to a news broadcast?
Did you use research and evidence relevant to the topic and give factual details?
Did you have a conclusion that showed an accurate cause and effect relationship?
Did you present information in an informative and engaging manner?

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In this activity, you will deliver the news story that you wrote in Task 1. If you are in a classroo...

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