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miriam makes 4 prize bags that each have 5 miniature toys and 4 healthy snacks. luz has the same number of total items in the prize bags she is making, but she has a total of 3 prize bags. luz has 6 miniature toys in each of her treat many healthy snacks are in each of luz's prize bags? enter your answer in the box.

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Ablank relationship exists between an employee and a supervisor
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Main street in rexburg is a historic and economically important corridor in the small idaho city. the mayor of rexburg is considering the implementation of reverse angle parking along this road. reverse angle parking a way of putting parking stalls so that motorists drive past the stall, and then back in at an angle. studies have shown that this parking method results in a fewer accidents, compared to traditional angle parking. business owners are concerned that some residents would avoid the new parking stalls, and that it would negatively impact their sales. a group of lntroductory statistics students is invited to survey a simple random sample of city utility customers to determine how their desire to shop on main street could be impacted if reverse angle parking was implemented. the mayor has a list of all 1200 of the city utility customers. describe how a simple random sample of 50 utility customers could be obtained.
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In a democracy, this is held by the citizens who elect leaders to political office
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Apopulation is a group of individuals of a single species existing together in an area. a population’s range, the area it occupies, changes over time. populations, in turn, may form a network, or metapopulation, connected by individuals that move from one group to another. within a population, the distribution of individuals can be random, uniform, or clumped, and the distribution is determined in part by the availability of resources. how might the geographic range of a species change if populations could not exchange individuals with each other? how would your answer depend on what type of metapopulation existed?
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miriam makes 4 prize bags that each have 5 miniature toys and 4 healthy snacks. luz has the same num...

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