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Refers to government efforts to influence the economy through taxation and spending decisions designed to encourage growth, boost employment, and curb inflation.
a. monetary policy
b. fiscal policy
c. pricing policy
d. production policy

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Multiple-choice the word "democracy" means: (a) "rule by the people" (b) "minority rule" (c) "individual rights" in a democracy, election results are protected against dishonesty by: (a) laws (b) customs (c) values the type of government in which the people are represented by elected officials is sometimes called a: (a) monarchy (b) republic (c) totalitarian state in most democracies, the only legal requirements for voting or holding public office are based on age, residence, and: (a) religion (b) citizenship (c) personal wealth in an election, political parties give voters a choice among candidates who tend to represent different: (a) ethnic groups (b) religious groups (c) interests and points of view
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The conflict perspective explains deviance in terms of power and inequality. select the best answer from the choices provided t f
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In the spring of 1989, thousands of protesters gathered in tiananmen square in beijing, china. they rallied around a plaster statue that resembled the statue of liberty which they called “the goddess of democracy.” these protestors were seeking a) united states assistance in gaining better health care. b) economic reforms which would allow more chinese exports. c) the boycott of the future olympic games scheduled for beijing. d) political reforms to allow more freedom of speech and political representation.
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Which best describes the purpose of the south carolina exposition and protest, which was written by john c. calhoun? a) to explain why the south was nullifying the tariff of 1828 b) to describe the ways the tariff of 1828 would southerners c) to persuade northern states to rebel against the federal government d) to ask england for if the south decided to secede from the union
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Refers to government efforts to influence the economy through taxation and spending decisions design...

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