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Viewed in historical terms, federalism has been a ?

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American sign language is a. ​ not a distinct language by definition b. ​ processed primarily by the left hemisphere, similar to other languages c. ​ processed more or less equally by both the left and right hemispheres d. ​ processed primarily by the right hemisphere because it is based on spatial characteristics
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Which type of market produces the highest level of output at the lowest price to consumers?
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Bonus question: according to wikipedia, in chinese philosophy yin and yang "describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent." what are some examples from the story that amy tan may have intentionally incorporated elements of yin and yang philosophy into this story? select 2.
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How might nela respond in each situation to indicate that she thinks she's being treated unfairly? use expressions from the phrase box?
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Viewed in historical terms, federalism has been a ?...

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