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What are 3 positive things that could have become from hitlers parents death? as a failing artist, and from his school days?

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Explain both sides of shays rebellion. include perspectives of the political leaders of the rebellion.
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Choose the best example of a social dilemma below. a major water shortage has caused a city request that all residents cease filling their pools with water in order to conserve water. nevertheless, a professional swimmer decides to fill his swimming pool in order to practice for an upcoming meet. a bank teller discovers his sister is sick with cancer. the cost to treat her condition is $10,000. the teller decides one day to steal the money from the bank he works for in order to pay for his sister's procedure. a person selling his car opens up the dashboard and purposefully rolls back the odometer in order to claim that the car has been driven less and achieve a higher resell value. after a few months of providing food scraps to the homeless, a local restaurant owner decides to put an end to his generosity due to the fact that they began to take up residence near his restaurant which negatively impacted the dining experience of his patrons.
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Which states universal prekindergarten has been most effective in preparing children for school?
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What are 3 positive things that could have become from hitlers parents death? as a failing artist,...

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