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Each state has the ability to choose the type of primary that is conducted to nominate individuals for office.

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Read the passage. from “an episode of war” by stephen crane the lieutenant was frowning and serious at this task of division. his lips pursed as he drew with his sword various crevices in the heap, until brown squares of coffee, astoundingly equal in size, appeared on the blanket. he was on the verge of a great triumph in mathematics, and the corporals were thronging forward, each to reap a little square, when suddenly the lieutenant cried out and looked quickly at a man near him as if he suspected it was a case of personal assault. which clause shows that the story’s events are changing?
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In a democratic government, every citizen a. shares the wealth of the country equally b. shares the decision-making authority c. does not have any decision-making authority d. belongs to the political party in power
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Create a poem, draw a picture or create a crossword puzzle, based on these important terms from the lesson, bias, interest group, media, monitor representative, executive privilege, “watchdog”and, public policy
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In at least two paragraphs, discuss the differences between the principles of republicanism and democracy. explain whether you think the united states is more of a republic or a democracy. refer to at least one example from the constitution. (10 points)
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Each state has the ability to choose the type of primary that is conducted to nominate individuals f...

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