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How is the distribution of steel and iron industry influenced by coal?

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Joshua wolf shenk wrote that one of lincoln's adaptation strategies was "transcendence" (rising above or even using "melancholy" to achieve a higher purpose). according to shenk, what was lincoln's "higher purpose? " provide a direct quotation from the article to support your analysis.
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Why are people more likely to marry individuals with social and cultural backgrounds very similar to their own? a. parents and other family members always exert pressure to marry within the group. b. people spend a great deal of time alone, and therefore can have few opportunities for meeting people. c. people develop irrational fears of out-group members and are scared to date them. d. people have greater access to individuals like themselves.
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Which modern theorist's work in monetarist thought earned him a nobel prize in economic sciences?
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What effect did the lawpassed by parlament have on the .
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How is the distribution of steel and iron industry influenced by coal?...

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