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True or false acres of animals limits the species of plants that can grow in an area

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Consider an ordinary, helium-filled party balloon with a volume of 2.2 ft3. the lifting force on the balloon due to the outside air is the net resultant of the pressure distribution exerted on the exterior surface of the balloon. using this fact, we can derive archimedes’ principle, namely that the upward force on the balloon is equal to the weight of the air displaced by the balloon. assuming that the balloon is at sea level, where the air density is 0.002377 slug/ft3, calculate the maximum weight that can be lifted by the balloon. note: the molecular weight of air is 28.8 and that of helium is 4.
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An engineer designs a roller coaster so that a car travels horizontally for 152 ft, then climbs 137 ft at an angle of 34.0° above the horizontal. it then moves 137 ft at an angle of 48.0° below the horizontal. if we take the initial horizontal motion of the car to be along the +x-axis, what is the car's displacement? (give the magnitude of your answer, in ft, to at least four significant figures and give the direction of your answer in degrees counterclockwise from the +x-axis.)
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Your target variable is δf, the magnitude of the difference in frequency between the waves emitted from the sonar device and the waves received by the device after reflecting off the whale. write an expression for δf in terms of the relevant frequencies using the subscript notation introduced above.
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What is the magnitude of the resultant vector round your answer to the nearest tenth
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True or false acres of animals limits the species of plants that can grow in an area...

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