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What is the longest wavelength in the molecule’s fluorescence spectrum?

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Afront wheel drive hub unit is n a. easy to install n b pre-adjusted n c. lubricated for life n d all of the above
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An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. the 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 249.5 cm^3 to 115.1 cm^3. if 2206 cal are released by the gas during this process, what are the temperature t of the gas and the final pressure pf?
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Suppose water is leaking from a tank through a circular hole of area ah at its bottom. when water leaks through a hole, friction and contraction of the stream near the hole reduce the volume of water leaving the tank per second to cah 2gh , where c (0 < c < 1) is an empirical constant. a tank in the form of a right-circular cone standing on end, vertex down, is leaking water through a circular hole in its bottom. (assume the removed apex of the cone is of negligible height and volume.) (a) suppose the tank is 20 feet high and has radius 8 feet and the circular hole has radius 2 inches. the differential equation governing the height h in feet of water leaking from a tank after t seconds is dh dt = − 5 6h3/2 . if the height of the water is initially 8 feet, how long will it take the tank to empty? (round your answer to two decimal places.)
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On a day when the barometer reads 75.23 cm, a reaction vessel holds 250 ml of ideal gas at 20 celsius. an oil manometer ( ρ= 810 kg/m^3) reads the pressure in the vessel to be 41 cm of oil and below atmospheric pressure. what volume will the gas occupy under s. t.p.?
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What is the longest wavelength in the molecule’s fluorescence spectrum?...

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