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Bases can be used for cleaning supplies because they dissolve grease. answer true false

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What is the fate of the electrons that interact with a specimen in an electron microscope?
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Arotating space station is said to create “artificial gravity”—a loosely-defined term used for an acceleration that would be crudely similar to gravity. the outer wall of the rotating space station would become a floor for the astronauts, and centripetal acceleration supplied by the floor would allow astronauts to exercise and maintain muscle and bone strength more naturally than in non-rotating space environments. if the space station is 200 m in diameter, what angular velocity would produce an “artificial gravity” of 9.80 m/s^{2} 2 at the rim?
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Which fact supports the conclusion that there will be fewer farm managers in the future? a) a farmer manager’s duties vary by the type of farm. b) farm technology is replacing some administrative jobs c) farm managers often need experience but not education. d) administrative duties include budgeting and training staff.
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Which situation is an example of not doing work? lifting a couch running up stairs carrying a box throwing a baseball
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Bases can be used for cleaning supplies because they dissolve grease. answer true false...

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