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Can you find the density of water? how would you do it?

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As a scuba diver descends under water, the pressure increases. at a total air pressure of 2.51 atm and a temperature of 25.0 ∘c, what is the solubility of n2 in a diver's blood? [use the value of the henry's law constant k calculated in part a, 6.26×10−4mol/(l⋅atm).]assume that the composition of the air in the tank is the same as on land and that all of the dissolved nitrogen remains in the blood. express your answer with the appropriate units.
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Aboxcar traveling at 12 m/s approaches a string of 5 identical boxcars sitting stationary on the track. the moving boxcar collides and links with the stationary cars and they all move off together along the track. what is the final speed of the cars immediately after the collision? (you may take the mass of each boxcar to be 18,537 kg.)
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During crime cases, what is guaranteed by the constitution? a. media coverage b. trial by jury c. an experienced lawyer d. a panel of justices
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He viscosities of several liquids are being compared. all the liquids are poured down a slope with equal path lengths. the liquid with the highest viscosity will
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Can you find the density of water? how would you do it?...

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