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What planet has the longest period of revolution?

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Which force is most responsible for binding together an atom's protons and neutrons? electrostatic gravitational nuclear magnetic
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An ideal monatomic gas expands adiabatically from an initial temperature of 388 k and volume of 4.3 m^3 to a final volume of 10 m^3. if the initial pressure is 1.5atm, how much work is done on the gas?
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As a 6.00-mole sample of a monatomic ideal gas expands adiabatically, the work done on it is −2.50×10^3j. the initial temperature and pressure of the gas are 460k and 2.80atm. calculate the following. (a) the final temperature (b) the final pressure
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The difference between a red shift and a blue shift has to do with wavelength frequency. t or f
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What planet has the longest period of revolution?...

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