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Four students are asked to find the mass of a mineral using a calibrated balance. the results were as follows. 16.009g 15.780g 16.110g and 15.990g the known mass of the mineral is 16.100g which student's result was most accurate?

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Apump operating at steady state receives 1.8 kg/s of liquid water at 50oc, 1.5 mpa. the pressure of the water at the pump exit is 14 mpa. the magnitude of the work required by the pump is 29.4 kw. stray heat transfer and changes in kinetic and potential energy are negligible. determine the work required by a reversible pump operating with the same conditions, in kw, and the isentropic pump efficiency.
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In all trials, the magnitude of the final velocity for g1 + g2 was less than the magnitude of any initial velocity. as mass increased, what happened to the velocity? the velocity decreased. the velocity increased. the velocity of g1 + g2 could not be measured. the velocity was not affected by the mass increase.
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Awater slide of length l has a vertical drop of h. abby's mass is m. an average friction force of magnitude f opposes her motion. she starts down the slide at initial speed vi. use work-energy ideas to develop an expression for her speed at the bottom of the slide. then evaluate your result using unit analysis and limiting case analysis. express your answer in terms of the variables h, m, l, vi, f and appropriate constants. vf v f
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Electric field of the earth. the earth has a net electric charge that causes a field at points near its surface equal to 150 n> c and directed in toward the center of the earth. (a) what magnitude and sign of charge would a 60-kg human have to acquire to overcome his or her weight by the force exerted by the earth’s electric field? (b) what would be the force of repulsion between two people each with the charge calculated in part (a) and separated by a distance of 100 m? is use of the earth’s electric field a feasible means of flight? why or why not?
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Four students are asked to find the mass of a mineral using a calibrated balance. the results were a...

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