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What is the purpose of the hydrologic cycle

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Aparticle initially moving east with a speed of 20.0 m/s, experiences an acceleration of 3.95 m/s, north for a time of 8.00 s. what was the speed of the particle after this acceleration, in units of m/s? give the answer as a positive number.
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Which of the following are properties of mechanical waves? check all that apply ⭕️ particles of the medium move back and fourth, but do not move with the wave. ⭕️ the particles of the medium always move parallel to the wave motion. ⭕️ wave motion begins with a disturbance in the medium. ⭕️ waves transport energy from a source outward, away from the source.
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What properties of a moving object are used in determining the object's energy of motion
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Select the correct answer. what does the process of natural selection involve?
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What is the purpose of the hydrologic cycle...

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