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How does resistance affect current flow in a circuit

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Initially, scientists described atoms as the smallest particles of matter. however, smaller particles within atoms were discovered. how did the scientific world respond to this new information? by ignoring the new information because it went against a scientific law by discarding the old theory about atoms and making a new one by revising the theory that explained atoms to include this new information by designing new technology that would prove the new information was wrong
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Two runners start at the same point on a straight track. the first runs with constant acceleration so that he covers 93 yards in 8 seconds. the second runner waits 3 seconds and then throws a rock at his opponent's head. if the head and the rock are at the same level form the ground, what must the initial magnitude of the velocity be if the rock is to hit the head just at the 93 yard tape? give the answer in feet per second
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Two boxes, with mass m1 and m2, are connected by a very light string over a frictionless pulley. let the mass on the track be m1 (in the experiment that will be the dynamic cart plus force sensor) and the hanging mass be m2 (that is mass hanger and mass added). using newton’s laws, find the tension in the string in terms of the masses (m1 and m2) and other known constants. find also the acceleration.
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Which compound is held together by the electrostatic force between two ions? a. co2 b. cci4 c. h2s d. mgf2
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How does resistance affect current flow in a circuit...

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