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Whats the formula for the mechanical efficiencies for saws?

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Not all tiles will be usedidentify the element present in each star based on the gaps observed in wavelengths of its light refer to this table containing absorption wavelengths (in nm) of several different elements the table ishelium 447, 502 ,587 ,668carbon 427 ,515, 600 ,678sulfur 425, 565, 639, 675xenon 484, 590, 687calcium 429 ,527, 593, 645silver 421 ,521, 662
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Contrast the force of gravity between these pairs of objects a 1 kg mass and a 2 kg mass that are 1 m apart and two 2 kg masses that are 1 m apart
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Aspherical shell centered at the origin has an inner radius of 7 cm and an outer radius of 8 cm. the density, δ, of the material increases linearly with the distance from the center. at the inner surface, δ = 8 gm/cm3; at the outer surface δ = 10 gm/cm3. (a) using spherical coordinates, write δ as a function of ρ. use rho for ρ.
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Abaseball at the equator was instantly transported thousands of miles north. it conserves its momentum and does not cjange speed. observers in the north see it doing what? a. moving east b. moving west c. standing still
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Whats the formula for the mechanical efficiencies for saws?...

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