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Acd-rom drive in a computer spins the 12-cm-diameter disks at 9500 rpm. find acceleration in units of g that a speck of dust on the outside edge of the disk experiences

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Analyze the five member truss by the method of joint
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In the up-in-smoke lab, you filtered smoke through a filter paper and calculated the mass of the particulate. given the following data, calculate the mass of particulate given off in a hypothetical experiment per mass of cigarette. enter your answer to 5 decimal places. wt. filter paper 2.026 g wt. filter paper after experiment 2.042 g wt. cigarette 2.495 g
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The car hoist allows the car to be driven onto the platform, after which the rear wheels are raised. if the loading from both rear wheels is 1380 lb, determine the force in the hydraulic cylinder ab. neglect the weight of the platform itself. member bcd is a right-angle bell crank pinned to the ramp at c. the force is positive if in tension, negative if in compression.
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By inserting a constant, a statement of proportionality can be turned into an equation. for example, the diameter of a circle is proportional to its radius, ∝ insertion of the constant of proportionality 2, allows one to express this relationship as an equation, = for gases, the constant of proportionality is boltzmann’s constant. use this constant to express the relationship you derived in step 1 as an equation instead of a proportionality. from a text or web resource, find the most common expression of this equation, which is called the ideal gas law.
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Acd-rom drive in a computer spins the 12-cm-diameter disks at 9500 rpm. find acceleration in units o...

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