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Find the mass of a book that has a weight of 14.7n

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Consider an infinitely long line of charge having uniform charge per unit length 4.6 µc/m. determine the total electric flux through a closed right circular cylinder of length 9.6 m and radius 17 m that is parallel to the line charge, if the distance between the axis of the cylinder and the line of charge is 4 m.
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If a spring has a k value of 100 newtons per meter and it is stretched 0.50 meters, what is the restoring force of the spring?
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An ideal monatomic gas expands adiabatically from an initial temperature of 388 k and volume of 4.3 m^3 to a final volume of 10 m^3. if the initial pressure is 1.5atm, how much work is done on the gas?
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Two runners start at the same point on a straight track. the first runs with constant acceleration so that he covers 93 yards in 8 seconds. the second runner waits 3 seconds and then throws a rock at his opponent's head. if the head and the rock are at the same level form the ground, what must the initial magnitude of the velocity be if the rock is to hit the head just at the 93 yard tape? give the answer in feet per second
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Find the mass of a book that has a weight of 14.7n...

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