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An object is acted upon by a force of 22 newtons from the right and a force of 13 newtons from the left. what is the magnitude and direction of the net force?

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Consider an infinitely long line of charge having uniform charge per unit length 4.6 µc/m. determine the total electric flux through a closed right circular cylinder of length 9.6 m and radius 17 m that is parallel to the line charge, if the distance between the axis of the cylinder and the line of charge is 4 m.
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To of a of | m in a vx)kx, k > 0. (b) in in 1t of a 2- h(,2/2m m(x +y) to v
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How many significant figures are in 42.023?
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Aball is thrown upward. at a height of 10 meters above the ground, the ball has a potential energy of 50 joules (with the potential energy equal to zero at ground level) and is moving upward with a kinetic energy of 50 joules. what is the maximum height h reached by the ball? consider air friction to be negligible. 1. h ≈ 10 m 2. h ≈ 50 m 3. h ≈ 30 m 4. h ≈ 40 m 5. h ≈ 20 m 003 10.0 points which of the two object shown below has the greatest kinetic energy? a m b 1 2 m v 2v 1. kinetic energies are the same. 2. a 3. b 4. unable to determine. 004 10.0 points tim, with mass 74.6 kg, climbs a gymnasium rope a distance of 3.1 m. the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . how much potential energy does tim gain? answer in units of j. 005 10.0 points a car is moving at 64 miles per hour. the kinetic energy of that car is 5 × 105 j. how much energy does the same car have when it moves at 111 miles per hour? answer in units of j. 006 10.0 points an 102 kg man climbs up a 1 m high flight of stairs. the acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . w
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An object is acted upon by a force of 22 newtons from the right and a force of 13 newtons from the l...

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