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C'est quoi le lien entre l'atmosphere et les plantes?

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Study the following reaction carefully. what classification should this reaction have? 4al + 3o2 2al2o3synthesisdecompositionsingle replacementdouble displacement
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While studying chemical reactions and conservation of matter, sarah's class conducted a variety of experiments. sarah and her lab partner found the mass of a wax candle and placed the candle in a flask. the students lit the candle and let it burn to completion. all that was left was wax and charred candle wick. per their teacher's instructions, the students found the mass of the products. their data can be seen in the data table. formulate a hypothesis the students could test to explain why the experiment did not support the law of conservation of matter. a) the students could repeat the experiment using different candles; there might have been a flaw in the candle. b) the experiment should be repeatable. the students should run several trials and then take an average of the after mass in each trial. c) the students should have someone in the class check their measurement skills as they repeat the experiment. they may have made an error using the balance. d) the students should burn the candle in a container that has some type of lid so that any gas that is a product of the reaction can be contained and massed. submit
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Alarge box of mass m is pulled across a horizontal frictionless surface by a horizontal rope with tension t. a small box of mass m sits on top of the large box. the coefficients of static and
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Latoya, sitting on a sled, is being pushed by dewain on the horizontal surface of a frozen lake. dewain slips and falls, giving the sled one final push, and the sled comes to rest 8.80 s later. the speed of the sled after the final push is 3.80 m/s, and the combined mass of the sled and latoya is 34.0 kg. using a momentum approach, determine the magnitude of the average friction force acting on the sled during this interval.
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C'est quoi le lien entre l'atmosphere et les plantes?...

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