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Afemale spring peeper frog produces 200 eggs through parthenogenesis. if all the eggs hatch, they will produce

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In the 1640s, the flemish chemist jan baptista van helmont performed the classic experiment paraphrased below: i filled a pot with 200 pounds of dirt that had been dried in an oven. then i planted the stem of a willow tree and watered it with rainwater. at the beginning, the willow stem weighed 5 pounds. for 5 years, i watered the tree with either rainwater or distilled water whenever it was needed. the pot was large, and planted in the ground. i covered the pot with an iron plate. this had many holes, which allowed water through but not dust. in this way, i could be assured that possible dust accumulation over these 5 years did not significantly add to the weight of the dirt. after 5 years, the tree weighed 169 pounds, and about 3 ounces. i did not take into account the weight of the leaves that fell each autumn. at length, i again dried the dirt, which weighed only 2 ounces less than the initial 200 pounds. i concluded that the 164 pounds of wood, bark, and roots, arose out of water only. in what way was van helmont's conclusion incorrect?
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What value did you calculate for the index of refraction of the acrylic block in part 2? how does your value compare to the accepted value of 1.50? calculate the percentage error. different materials have distinct indexes of refraction. explain how you might identify a material based on experiments like this one. mention at least one of the difficulties in identifying materials based on their indexes of refraction.
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You swing a 3.40 kg bucket of water in a vertical circle of radius 0.98 m. at the top of the circle the speed of the bucket is 3.40 m/s. find the tension in the rope tied to the bucket at the top of the circle.
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Argon, neon, and xenon are examples of
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Afemale spring peeper frog produces 200 eggs through parthenogenesis. if all the eggs hatch, they wi...

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