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How would you explain free fall in a velocity time graph?

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Glass is transparent to visibile light under normal conditions; however, at extremely high intensities, glass will absorb most of the light incident upon it. this works through a process known as multiphoton absorption. in this process, several photons are absorbed at the same time. if very intense light whose photons carry 2ev of energy is shined onto a material with a band gap of 4ev, that light can be absorbed through two-photon absorption, because two photons have the right amount of energy to bridge the band gap. what is the minimum number of photons of 800-nm light that are needed to equal or exceed the band gap of fused silica glass
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A2-kg ball b is traveling horizontally at 10 m/s when it strikes 2-kg ball a. ball a is initially at rest and is attached to a spring with constant 100 n/m and an unstretched length of 1.2 m. knowing the coefficient of restitution between a and b is 0.8 and friction between all surfaces is negligible, determine the normal force between a and the ground when it is at the bottom of the hill.
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At the negative terminal of the battery the electron has electric potential energy. what happens to this energy as the electron jumps from the negative to the positive terminal?
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Apiece of metal 75g at 110°c is dropped in a container with 500g at 20°c. the h2o if temperature is 24°c find specific heat capacity of metal
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