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After achieving a conditioned response, removing the ucs results in

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Ajogger accelerates from rest to 4.86 m/s in 2.43 s. a car accelerates from 20.6 to 32.7 m/s also in 2.43 s. (a) find the magnitude of the acceleration of the jogger. (b) determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the car. (c) how much further does the car travel than the jogger during the 2.43 s?
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Anne applies a force on a toy car and makes it move forward. what can be said about the forces acting on the toy car at the moment anne applies the force?
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Aspherical shell centered at the origin has an inner radius of 7 cm and an outer radius of 8 cm. the density, δ, of the material increases linearly with the distance from the center. at the inner surface, δ = 8 gm/cm3; at the outer surface δ = 10 gm/cm3. (a) using spherical coordinates, write δ as a function of ρ. use rho for ρ.
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The ratio of lift to drag l/d for a wing or airfoil is an important aerodynamic parameter, indeed, it is a direct measure of the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing. if a wing is pitched through a range of angle of attack, l/d first increases, then goes through a maximum, and then decreases. consider an infinite wing with an naca 2412 airfoil. estimate the maximum value of l/d. assume that the reynolds number is 9x10^6.
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After achieving a conditioned response, removing the ucs results in...

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