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After achieving a conditioned response, removing the ucs results in

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Paleomagnetism and the ocean floor lab – 17 pts
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Thomas his older brothers, who own a junk yard, on the weekends to earn extra money. he likes to them push broken-down cars to the back of the junk yard because it makes him feel strong. last saturday, they pushed three cars with different weights, and he noticed he used different amounts of force for each one. the cars were the following weights: white car: 2,700 kg red car: 1,500 kg blue car: 2,100 kg think about how much force is needed to move each car. which correctly lists the cars in order from the most to least amount of force needed to move them? a) white, blue, red b) blue, red, white c) red, white, blue d) white, red, blue
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When water freezes, it expands about 9.80%. what would be the pressure increase inside your automobile's engine block if the water in it froze? (the bulk modulus of ice is 2.00×10^9 n/m^2.)
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A100 kg running back runs at 5m/s into a stationary linebacker. it takes 0.5 for the running back to be completely stopped
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After achieving a conditioned response, removing the ucs results in...

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