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What causes the pressure that allows diamonds to form in the mantle?

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Asmall telescope has a concave mirror with a 2.00 m radius of curvature for its objective. its eyepiece is a 4.00 cm focal length lens. (a) what is the telescope's angular magnification? (b) what angle is subtended by a 25,000 km diameter sunspot? (c) what is the angle of its telescopic image?
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Apossible explanation for a set of facts that can be tested by further investigation is called
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We want to calculate the total metabolic heat generated by a singing canary taking into account heat transfer by radiation, convection and exhaling air. the air temperature is 20 oc, canary’s body internal and surface temperature is 33oc, external body surface convective heat transfer coefficient is 25.2 w/m2 .k, temperature difference between the inhaled and exhaled air is 4.3 oc, the ventilation rate is 0.74 cc of air per second, specific heat of air is 1.0066 kj/kg. k and density of air is 1.16 kg/m3 . assume the canary’s body to be a cylinder with 7 cm diameter and 9 cm length, and heat exchange is from the side as well as the top and bottom of cylinder. calculate 1) the net rate of heat lost by radiation, assuming heat gained by the bird through radiation from the surroundings is 11.5 w; 2) rate of heat transferred by convection to the surrounding air; 3) rate of heat transferred in the exhaling air without considering any internal evaporation; 4) total metabolic power.
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To do work, this truck uses energy stored in chemical fuel and an electrical battery. how much total energy does this truck put out?
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What causes the pressure that allows diamonds to form in the mantle?...

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