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What causes the pressure that allows diamonds to form in the mantle?

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What is created when solids, liquids, an gases mix with one another
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What is the electric force acting between two charges of -0.0045 c and -0.0025 c that are 0.0060 m apart? use fe=kq1q2/r^2 and k = 9.00 x 10^9 n*m^2/c^2 a. 1.7 x 10^7 n b. -1.7 x 10^7 n c. -2.8 x 10^9 n d. 2.8 x 10^9 n
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The cerebellum controls? thirst sensations sleep-wake cycles hand-eye coordination heart rate and pulse
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The ultracentrifuge is an important tool for separating and analyzing proteins. because of the enormous centripetal accelerations, the centrifuge must be carefully balanced, with each sample matched by a sample of identical mass on the opposite side. any difference in the masses of opposing samples creates a net force on the shaft of the rotor, potentially leading to a catastrophic failure of the apparatus. suppose a scientist makes a slight error in sample preparation and one sample has a mass 10 mg larger than the opposing sample. if the samples are 12 cm from the axis of the rotor and the ultracentrifuge spins at 70,000 rpm, what is the magnitude of the net force on the rotor due to the unbalanced samples? ( be thorough on your answer)
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What causes the pressure that allows diamonds to form in the mantle?...

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