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In what era did the first land plants appear?

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When a resistor with resistance r is connected to a 1.50-v flashlight battery, the resistor consumes 0.0625 w of electrical power. (throughout, assume that each battery has negligible internal resistance.) what power does the resistor consume if it is connected to a 12.6-v car battery? assume that r remains constant when the power consumption changes.
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Ahypothetical metal crystallizes in simple cubic crystal structure having lattice parameter of 150 picometers. calculate the following. (a) magnitude(s) of the burgers vectors of edge dislocation and screw dislocation in this metal (b) write all possible independent burger’s vectors for dislocations in this metal (c) number of slip planes on which slip is most likely to occur (d) number of independent slip systems (e) do the slip systems intersect? if yes, along which family of crystallographic directions?
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Suppose while hauling rocks, you accidentally drop one. it breaks apart in flat, planar sections. what type of rock did you just drop? 20 points
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When a vertical beam of light passes through a transparent medium, the rate at which its intensity i decreases is proportional to i(t), where t represents the thickness of the medium (in feet). in clear seawater, the intensity 3 feet below the surface is 25% of the initial intensity i0 of the incident beam. what is the intensity of the beam "10" feet below the surface? (give your answer in terms of i0. round any constants or coefficients to five decimal places.)
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In what era did the first land plants appear?...

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