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In a 35 mm single lens reflex camera (slr) the distance from the lens to the film is varied in order to focus on objects at varying distances. over what range must a lens of 45 mm focal length vary if the camera is to be able to focus on objects ranging in distance from infinity down to 1.4 m from the camera?

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Determine the amount of work done when a crane lifts a 100-n block form 2m above the ground to 6m above the ground
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The desk has a weight of 75 lb and a center of gravity at g. determine the initial acceleration of a desk when the man applies enough force f to overcome the static friction at a and b. also, find the vertical reactions on each of the two legs at a and at b. the coefficients of static and kinetic friction at a and b are ms = 0.5 and mk = 0.2, respectively
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Part f - example: finding two forces (part i) two dimensional dynamics often involves solving for two unknown quantities in two separate equations describing the total force. the block in (figure 1) has a mass m=10kg and is being pulled by a force f on a table with coefficient of static friction îľs=0.3. four forces act on it: the applied force f (directed î¸=30â above the horizontal). the force of gravity fg=mg (directly down, where g=9.8m/s2). the normal force n (directly up). the force of static friction fs (directly left, opposing any potential motion). if we want to find the size of the force necessary to just barely overcome static friction (in which case fs=îľsn), we use the condition that the sum of the forces in both directions must be 0. using some basic trigonometry, we can write this condition out for the forces in both the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively, as: fcosî¸â’îľsn=0 fsinî¸+nâ’mg=0 in order to find the magnitude of force f, we have to solve a system of two equations with both f and the normal force n unknown. use the methods we have learned to find an expression for f in terms of m, g, î¸, and îľs (no n).
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Apower source supplies an electric potential difference of 9.0v to the plates of a capacitor. the energy stored in the capacitor is 9.8x10-4j. the dielectric constant of the dielectric in the capacitor is 5.1
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In a 35 mm single lens reflex camera (slr) the distance from the lens to the film is varied in order...

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