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How is the capacitance related to the distance between the plates of a capacitor

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Young's modulus for nickel is 2.05 x 10 n/m2. the density of nickel is 8.91 g/cm. its molar mass is 58.7 g/mol. what is the approximate stiffnesss (ki) of the atomic bond between nickel atoms?
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When press-fitting the bearing into the knuckle, pressure should be applied n a only to the outer ring n b. only to the inner ring n c. both a and b n d. neither a or b
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Under conditions for which the same room temperature is maintained by a heating or cooling system, it is not uncommon for a person to feel chilled in the winter but comfortable in the summer. provide a plausible explanation for this situation (with supporting calculations) by considering a room whose air temperature is maintained at 20â°c throughout the year, while the walls of the room are nominally at 27â°c and 14â°c in the summer and winter, respectively. the exposed surface of a person in the room may be assumed to be at a temperature of 32â°c throughout the year and to have an emissivity of 0.90. the coefficient associated with heat transfer by natural convection between the person and the room air is approximately 2 w/m2 â‹…â‹… k. what is the ratio of the thermal resistance due to convection to the thermal resistance due to radiation in the summer? what is the ratio of thermal resistances in the winter
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During crime cases, what is guaranteed by the constitution? a. media coverage b. trial by jury c. an experienced lawyer d. a panel of justices
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How is the capacitance related to the distance between the plates of a capacitor...

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