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What device measures oxygen saturation of arterial blood.

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what do you need to apply for too be a nurse?
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Anurse is caring for a client who has acute heart failure and is receiving furosemide via iv bolus. the nurse should identify that which of the following findings indicates a desired therapeutic effect? a. increased sputum production b. decreased weight c. decreased blood glucose level d. increased blood pressure
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Mr. wayne is a 38-year-old man with a significant history of elevated cholesterol levels. his father died at age 42 from a massive heart attack secondary to elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and two of his older siblings are currently taking medications to lower their cholesterol levels. mr. wayne makes an appointment to discuss his risk for hypercholesterolemia. the nurse recognizes that mr. wayne is at risk for familial hypercholesterolemia because this is an autoomal dominant inherited condition. a. describe the pattern of autosomal dominant inheritance. b. mr. wayne asks what chance his children have of developing familial hypercholesterolemia. how should the nurse respond? c. explain the phenomenon of penetrance observed in autosomal dominant inheritance.
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Which of the following is the most appropriate use of a freer elevator? a. scrape cement b. clean instruments c. dissect periosteum d. retract tissue
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What device measures oxygen saturation of arterial blood....

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