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The translation is: We write "no" together:

with an adjective adjective in the degree equal to

gives the text from which I must write this example A

book not like all of them!

The hilarious, best-selling series of youth literature

by Rafał Kosik is an engaging reading not only for

thirteen - year-olds, but also for older readers!

The first volume entitled "Felix, Net and Nika and the Gang of Invisible People" is

an extremely dynamic adventure novel in which the real world is

mixed with the fantastic. It talks about friendship, crazy

inventions, artificial intelligence, treasures, ghosts, robots, a

flying plate and ... teenage feelings. Ghosts are extraordinary creatures

encountered by children in the school attic. During the trip, friends

see a gnome - the guardian of Świętopełk's treasure. Another treasure

is inseparably connected with the story of Felix's grandmother. She lost her

gold ring during the Warsaw Uprising. The children find him in a mysterious

chest in the basement of a non-existent church.

The enemy number one of our heroes is Morten - not

man, but artificial intelligence. There is no gang, only machine parts

that make up robots. Morten wants to kill the children and take over the world.

The reading will be especially appreciated by representatives of the

contemporary generation of teenagers - they will have no trouble

identifying with the book's extraordinary heroes.

The author of "Felix, Net and Nika and the Gang of Invisible People"

convinces, and very effectively, that it is not worth acting

contrary to social principles in life .

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The translation is: We write "no" together:

with an adjective adjective in the degree eq...

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