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Ireally need with this short math problem, plz someone me out

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At the beginning of the day, stock xyz opened at $6.12. at the end of the day, it closed at $6.88. what is the rate of change of stock xyz? a. 1.17% b. 11.0% c. 12.4% d. 81.5%
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Find the value of x for which line a is parallel to line b
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Askateboard ramp is in the shape of a right triangle what is the height of the ramp
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Project information: the pythagorean theorem can be used in many real-world scenarios. the following is an example of real-word scenario where you will use the pythagorean theorem to find the missing piece. real-word scenario: a handyman needs to create triangular trusses to frame out the roof of a small shed. he knows the roof itself will be 9 feet tall and the length of each truss will be 14 feet. how long will the roof be from its highest to lowest point? part 1: the handyman created a drawing to provide a visual to solve this problem. below is his drawing.
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Ireally need with this short math problem, plz someone me out...

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