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Explain how you can find whether 5/6 or 5/8 is greater

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Rosy waxes 2/3 of her car with 1/4 bottle of car wax. at this rate, what fraction of the bottle of car wax will rosey use to wax her entire car
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It took alice 5 5/6 hours to drive to her grandparents' house for . on the way home, she ran into traffic and it took her 7 3/8 hours. how much longer did the return trip take? write your answer as a proper fraction or mixed number in simplest form. the trip home took __hours longer. ?
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Your food costs are $5,500. your total food sales are $11,000. what percent of your food sales do the food costs represent?
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1.find the ratios of the corresponding sides triangle jkl congruent to triangle rst? if so what is the scale factor
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Explain how you can find whether 5/6 or 5/8 is greater...

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