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Three math questions. i answered 2 of them, tell me if they are right or not ?
the last 'm not sure how to solve,

the major league baseball regular season consists of 162 games. after playing 54 of their games, your favorite team has won 26 wins.
1. if this trend continues, how many wins will your team have at the end of the season?
162 games
162 - 54 games = 108 games left
they have 26 wins
162 divided by 54 = 3
3 x 26 = 78 wins.

2. what is the percentage of games won by the team so far this season? (round to the nearest tenth of a percent.)
26 divided by 54 =0.48
rounded = .50%

3. use your answer to question 1 to find the percentage of games that the team is projected to win for the entire season. (round to the nearest tenth of a percent.)

number 3 is the one i'm having trouble figuring out so explain it to me,

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Do you know the correct answer?
Three math questions. i answered 2 of them, tell me if they are right or not ?
the last 'm no...

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