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What is 40,023,032 in word form

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Why is it necessary to give the center of rotation when you describe a rotation? demonstrate your answer with a specific example of your own, that you personally came up with.
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The green family is a family of six people. they have used 4,885.78 gallons of water so far this month. they cannot exceed 9,750.05 gallons per month during drought season. write an inequality to show how much water just one member of the family can use for the remainder of the month, assuming each family member uses the same amount of water every month.
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Asquare parking lot has 6,400 square meters what is the length in meters
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Find the equation of the trend line (line of best fit). show your work i'm using the points (34,76) (42,91)
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What is 40,023,032 in word form...

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