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Use the Diagram. a. Find the perimeter and area of each square.
b. What happens to the area of a square when its perimeter increases by a factor of n?

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What are the solutions to the following equation? |m| = 8.5 the value of m is equal to 8.5 and because each distance from zero is 8.5.
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Taylor wants to paint his rectangular deck that is 41 feet long and 24 feet wide. a gallon of paint covers about 350 square feet. how many gallons of paint will taylor need to cover the entire deck? round your answers to two decimal places when necessary.
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Which description is represented by a discrete graph? kiley bought a platter for $19 and several matching bowls that were $8 each. what is the total cost before tax? the temperature at 9 a. m. was 83° f and is heating up at an average rate of 6°f per hour. what is the temperature x hours later? juan ate an egg with 78 calories and some cereal with 110 calories per serving for breakfast. what is the total amount of calories he consumed? a bottle contained 2,000 ml of liquid and is being poured out at an average rate of 300 ml per second. how much liquid is left in the bottle after x seconds?
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The scatter plot shows the number of animal cells clara examined in a laboratory in different months: plot ordered pairs 1, 20 and 2, 60 and 3,100 and 4, 140 and 5, 180 what is the approximate predicted number of animal cells clara examined in the 9th month?
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Use the Diagram. a. Find the perimeter and area of each square.
b. What happens to the area...

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