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For a plus points Select the point(s) that are a solution to the equation or inequality.

Question 4 options:

(-2, 4)

(0, 1)

(2, 0)

(-10, 0)

Answers: 1

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Can anyone me with 32,33,36,37,and 40.
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Tom is the deli manager at a grocery store. he needs to schedule employee to staff the deli department for no more that 260 person-hours per week. tom has one part-time employee who works 20 person-hours per week. each full-time employee works 40 person-hours per week. write and inequality to determine n, the number of full-time employees tom may schedule, so that his employees work on more than 260 person-hours per week. graph the solution set to this inequality.
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Which expressions equal 9 when x=4 and y=1/3 a. x2+6y b. 2x + 3y c. y2-21x d. 5 (x/2) -3y e. 3x-9y
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