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Is 9760-5,220 more or less then 4,000

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B-mobile phone advertises phone battery life (on standby) of up to three days. the standard deviation is thought to be five hours. tina talbot, an employee at cdp, tested 10 of these batteries for 72 hours. one failed at 40 hours; one failed at 62 hours; one failed at 70 hours. all others completed the test. calculate fr(%), fr(n), and mtbf.
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The larger of two numbers is 5 less than than five times the smaller when the smaller number is subtracted from the larger the difference is 11 find the two numbers
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When the ball has traveled a distance of
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Write the equation of the line described. through (7,4) and (-6,3)
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Is 9760-5,220 more or less then 4,000...

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