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Find the value of x in the equation √ x + 5 = √ x + 45.

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Two sides of a triangle mesure 20cm and 30cm. what is the measure of the third side
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Idon’t understand this.. will someone ? will mark brainliest along with 20 points.
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Kapil needed to buy a long wooden beam. he went to two sawmills that each charge an initial fee plus an additional fee for each meter of wood. the following equation gives the price (in dollars) of a wooden beam from the first sawmill as a function of its length (in meters). p = 5+20xp=5+20x
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John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3 of the novel. write an equation to determine the total number of pages (p)(p) in the novel.
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Find the value of x in the equation √ x + 5 = √ x + 45....

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